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2011-04-22 00:22:42 by UndeadPriest123

i see that people want to prove me wrong, but i don't see how i am wrong the news depresses me. but i don't know why you are trying to prove something wrong when even though you look and in the back of your mind you know the truth. but to be fair i do think i am being to negative, but i still think i am normal.

the theory

2010-07-31 16:19:24 by UndeadPriest123

i know that i haven't posted in some time. and in time i have come to agree with something very important, and i want to let you all know this, for you will think. as i watched the movie the matrix, and i thought of mr.smith's theory about mankind, and it got me thinking..... he's right. we don't really act like mammals we do act more like viruses, but...... i know after this post about 1/3 posts will try to say i am wrong, but i just ask this how can you prove this wrong?

my sight of the world

2009-11-27 12:27:28 by UndeadPriest123

i know that you all don't see eye to eye to me. only those who are dead would. my point of this is a way of pointing the world's most dangerous creature on it...... haven't figured it out what it is yet. it is humans we are the most destructive creatures on earth to earth. we kill it and even though we know this we don't do anything about it. so if 2012 doesn't kill us all then i wouldn't be suprised if the real reason the world ends, or we all die is caused by the most derstructive beings on earth. HUMANS!